National Membership:


As a local active member of Alpha Phi Sigma, you have a chance to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a National Member.


These students are those who have met strict requirements for application, including having declared a major or minor in the criminal justice or related field (including Forensic Science), completed 3 full time semesters, and achieved a minimum 3.2 G.P.A for undergraduate students or 3.4 G.P.A. for graduate students. You must also be an active local chapter member for a full semester before you are eligible for application to National Membership.


Amongst the many perks of this recognition, is the chance to graduate with regalia, and the opportunity to attend the APS National Conference where we compete and represent our chapter in a national competition!


We hold an induction ceremony every spring for each of these students to celebrate their achievements.



* To join, please fill out the application and obtain a copy of your transcripts, then submit it to Dina M. Kameda ( or drop it off at the SJSU Justice Studies Office (MQH 524) and ask that it be placed in the APS mail box.



Local Chapter Membership:


To become a member of SJSU Iota Chapter you must have declared a major or minor in Justice Studies or related field (including Forensic Science and Sociology) and have a 3.0 G.P.A. $40 dues are collected each semester. To maintain active membership you must participate in at least 60% of all meetings and events. We utilize a point system where each event you attend, including the bimonthly meetings, accrues points. Only active members are eligible to apply for National Membership.




  • Maintain academic excellence and leadership

  • Network with students and professionals in the field

  • Participate and fundraise for community service events and activities

  • Great experience to put on your resume

  • Become eligible for National Membership



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