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Out of Darkness Walk - 10/21/2018

Confidence Challenge - 5/4/2018

Admitted Spartan Day - 4/9/2018

Bowling - 3/9/2018

Beyond the Books - 3/1/2018

National Conference - 2/14/2018-2/18/2018

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National Conference

The national members of Iota chapter attend the National APS Conference where they have the opportunity to meet other university chapters and compete for scholarships and awards.

Confidence Challenge

This is an annual physical agility competition held at SJSU where Justice Studies and Forensic Science students compete in teams with faculty members to complete a police training obstacle course.


This event was started in 2010 by the Justice Studies Student Task Force, and has been a hit ever since.

Breast Cancer Walk

The Breast Cancer Walk is an amazing opportunity for our chapter to help raise awareness, as well as help raise money to help fund services to those battling breast cancer, as well as funding the research for a cure. 


We also take this as an opportunity to honor the strong women who have passed and those who continue to fight this disease.

Miscellaneous Volunteer Opportunities


Community service is one of the four pillars of APS.


We actively seek opportunities throughout the year for our members to participate in community service, such as helping the SJSU police department wrap and deliver Christmas gifts to community children.

Panels & Workshops


Each semester, Iota chapter organizes panels of guest speakers that cover a range of topics including the current year's theme and professionals in the criminal justice and forensic science fields speaking to students about their career paths and work experiences.

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